General Instructor Course (GIC) Part 1 - History

Did you know the Krav Maga Instructor Course (GIC) used to be an intense 28-day marathon? It involved mastering a huge number of techniques, understanding key teaching points, and learning the entire teaching blueprint.

Participants would spend hour after hour repeating the same technique under constant scrutiny of an eagle eyed GIC instructor.. Who inevitably pointed out the weaknesses before another grueling round of repetition.

Thankfully there's been some changes since then!

Initially the course was divided into three tightly packed parts, allowing little downtime between sessions. At the end of the third part, you’d either earn a full KMG instructor diploma or, unfortunately, you went home empty-handed and had to go through it all again. Assuming you still had the heart.

Seeing the need for a more effective approach, KMG (UK) redesigned the GIC structure in the United Kingdom. The course is still split into three parts, but now each segment is spread out over the year.

This new setup gives participants ample time to take home what they have learned, allowing them to sharpen their skills in real training environments and improve their physical fitness, which is essential for passing each stage. 

Each segment of the course ends with a red, amber, or green light from the GIC instructor, guiding participants on their next steps:

Red  Suggests pausing to consolidate skills before proceeding.

Amber  Indicates the need to enhance certain areas.

Green  means you are clear to advance to the next part.

Successfully completing a part awards a diploma for that segment, along with specific teaching credentials.

This transformation has made the instructor course more accessible and valuable for those embarking on their journey to become a professional Krav Maga instructor. It's an excellent opportunity to grow and develop at a comfortable pace.

If you’re thinking about starting your instructor journey or have any questions, feel free to contact us at or click the button below to complete the GIC application.  Let’s make your teaching aspirations a reality!