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Adult Training Licence - Silver

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Requirements for Purchase:

All licences are now delivered digitally.

The training licence should only be purchased by the person for whom the licence is intended.

Each training licence is linked to a single email address.

Do not use an email address that belongs to a person other than the person the licence is intended for.

Do not purchase more than one licence using the same email address.

Renewals should be purchased using the same email address as the original licence.


| Member Benefits
1 year membership to KMG UK, your personal ID number & membership card, authorised to attend KMG UK national training & grading events, insured to practice Krav Maga with other club members, public liability insurance cover (up to £10 million) and level 2 (silver) personal accident protection.  Personal login to our member only portal to download your grading curriculum.

| Insurance Cover
Cover commences from the date of purchase for a period of 12 months. Full certification with policy working is issued upon purchase of a training licence. You must ensure you read all the documentation when you receive it.  Licence cards are sent out in the UK mail and typically take 7-10 working days to arrive.

| Liability Insurance
This covers legal liability for damages and legal costs arising out of third-party loss, injury or damage, in connection with Krav Maga activities Cover includes public liability, professional indemnity and. member to member liability up to £5,000,000 for any on claim, with an excess of a further £5,000,000.

| Personal Accident
Silver level accidental bodily injury cover. Click here to see full list of benefits.